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Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS)

Gulf Outsourcing services FZ LLC specialize in solutions based on state-of-the-art systems from FileNet Corporation, the world leader in Enterprise Content and Process Management Solutions. Our Enterprise Content Management Systems enable our customers to efficiently manage documents in an electronic environment and streamline the processes, enhancing work procedures, taking them one step closer to advanced eGovernment initiatives, offering better public service. Information in any form, text, spreadsheet, graphics, forms, drawings etc. is at everyone's disposal in an environment that provides total manageability and security, keeping all contents secure, up-to-date, and easy-to-find, no matter what applications were used to create them or where they are stored .

EDMS / Workflow Systems:
An essential system for organizations using high volumes of paper or electronic documents in their business transactions. eBusiness Workplace Portals: Public service organizations and government bodies would immensely benefit from this “One Stop Workplace” to cater to the needs of the customers / public they service with all transactions processed on-line. Correspondence Management Systems: This is a niche application which removes the tedium from managing paper-based and electronic correspondence tracking and information retrieval .