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Tele Operations for Telecom Industry

We provide our telecom clients with unique expertise, diagnostics, and models that help deliver on their customer value proposition as well as identify and rationalize operational investments to improve margins and process efficiency.
We provide direct support to client-process teams to enhance and deepen the capabilities that will deliver sustainable, significant value for their own organizations, their business partners, and their customers.

The infrastructure used for client services is kept deliberately separate from the infrastructure used for the supplier’s own services. Cloud services are a good example, as well as also UC, IP-Centrix, or hosting services. Surprisingly, against common sense, customers’ cloud services are run in separate environments from the carrier’s own virtualised machines
Operating teams for customer services are also distinctively separate from those teams operating own core platforms. Although there are teams looking after the operators own services 24/7, individual client services are often not supported to the same extent.
Lack of proper documentation of their network assets. This is a big issue, in both corporate valuation and delivering quality services. Without physical and logical configurations readily available to operating teams, any incident management crumbles and turns into detective work. They pay for long-decommissioned circuits, cause outages due to faulty configuration and assume redundancy on non-disjoint or congested links. For these reasons, it is not surprising that network faults due to construction make up only 10–15% of all faults, the remainder being self-inflicted.